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The Heart of America Series is an on-road racing series for radio control cars. We hold four to six races per year between the months of May and September in Lincoln, NE. The series is a fun, family atmosphere for kids of all ages. The series is open to anyone who wishes to race. The typical classes are 1/8 scale nitro sports car, 1/8 scale nitro GT, 1/10 scale nitro sedan, and 1/10 scale electric sedan. As long as there at least three cars of the same class, the races can be setup so they can race against each other.

1/8th Scale Nitro Sports Car

one eighth scale nitro sports car

1/8th Scale Nitro GT

one eighth scale nitro gt

1/10th Scale Nitro Sedan

one tenth scale nitro sedan

1/10th Scale Electric Sedan

one tenth scale electric sedan